Simone Musgrave, Musgrave Gin

Simone Musgrave We chat with Simone, the founder of Musgrave Gin.

Musgrave currently has two gins: Musgrave 11 the original Musgrave Gin is all about Africa & spices born out of the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route. Musgrave Pink Gin has all of the spice and flavour of Musgrave 11 but is toned down to be gentler and less spicy and to bring out the floral of the rosehips and the infused rosewater.

Simone is a pro at developing brands – she has taken craft gin to the next level.

Simone surrounds herself with experts… from brand developers to distillers and sales.

A great product and brand is important, but Route to market & sales is everything.