Monica Du Preez, Qualican Contract Canning and Packing

Today’s guest is Monica du Preez, a veteran in the beverage industry. Monica runs Qualican Contract Canning and Packing, an automated beverage canning facility in Krugersdorp in Gauteng.

Monica explains that there are many canning facilities in SA, what makes Qualican so unique is that it has an inline sleeving facility. That means the cans are filled and sealed and then washed before they go to the sleever. Other canning facilities can also fill sleeved cans but they are often damaged during the canning process. At Qualican the packaged can is spotless because they are sleeved right at the end of the packing process.

A minimum print run of a normal printed can is 250 000 cans or 10000 cases at Qualican can you can probably start with about a 1000 cases.

Qualican can can anything from 200ml to 500ml cans.

Monica went into some detail explaining the steps in getting a new product packaged and ready to go to market. She can even assist in getting the correct licences for liquor products.

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