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Tipo Tinto Mozambican Rum

The only way to drink red cold drinks – Holger Meier It’s not a drink. It’s a feeling. The one and only, Tipo Tinto. The legend has arrived. Tipo Tinto, the Island Spirit, which has been enjoyed in Mozambique, for over…

Panjivans Liquors

Panjivans Liquors is large liquor wholesaler servicing independent liquor stores and restaurants in KwaZulu Natal, with branches in: Port Shepstone, Isipingo, KwaMashu and Pietermaritzburg.

Common Liquor Categories

Anis, Aquavit, Arak, Amaretto, Advocaat, Beer, Brandy, Bitters, Cane, Cognac, Cider, Calvados, Cola, Craft, Drinks, Draught, Energy, Grappa, Grenadine, Hefeweizen, Ice Tea, Juice, Kirsch, Lager, Lemonade, Mampoer, Marc, Mescal, Ouzo, Pastis, Port, Rum, Sambuca, Sherry, Stout, Schnapps, Slivovitz, Sloe, Stout,…