Graeme “Surfing” Bird – Poison City Brewing

Durban Poison is a finger in the face of conformity.

“Amongst the iconic South African Cities, Durban is the ugly sister, less beautiful than Cape Town and poorer than Johannesburg, but this edgy industrial city, near the beach and by the country, is in its own way beautiful amongst the sisters, she’s the keeper.”

Poison City is a lifestyle brand built around Durban and its surfing lifestyle.

Poison City: Holger talks to Graeme “Surfing” Bird from Poison City Brewing about what makes Durban famous: Is it the harbour, Johnny’s Chip & Cheese Roti’s, no it’s Surfing and the Rebel Lifestyle.

Graeme wants to creating a brand that makes Durban proud.

Poison City brewed their first beer, The Bird Lager, with Sean and Paul at That Brewing Company, the second beer, The Punk Rocker, an English Pale Ale with Jason at Toti Brewing Company, then The Kiff, a Belgian Wit with Shaun Standeaven and then The Other Bird, a Czech Dark Lager, which was developed by Czech brewing veteran Ladislav Vesely. Next up is the Wedge, an American style, Imperial Pale Ale, and then when the time is right, Graeme is planning to launch a mass market beer, called Durban Poison.

Lessons from Kevin Hedderwick, from Famous Brands, etc

Poison City beers are available in over 100 outlets in Kzn and over 200 nationally, e.g. Tops at Spar, Beerhouse, Republik, Bananjam, etc

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