Susanne Schneider and Ashlin Bantom, Fynbos Revolution

Susanne Schneider, a German-born hospitality veteran with Michelin-star experience, first met the self-starting young South African Ashlin Bantom in 2015, when he applied for an assistant position at her western Cape restaurant, Springfield Easts. The Schneider’s popular restaurant was one of gin pioneer, Lorna Scott’s, first outlets, where busloads of German tourists enjoyed the popular Inverroche craft gin with their meals.

What next? The lockdown forced the unlikely partners to team up and find a new way to make a living. The result Flower Power, a uniquely South African Vermouth.

While Susanne focuses on establishing a European market for Flower Power Vermouth, Ashlin is hard at work convincing local gin lovers to try his popular vermouth and tonic, or V+T as he calls it. Vermouth mixed with local craft tonic Barker & Quinn.

Vermouth is a fortified and aromatised wine, basically, wine spiked with brandy and then infused with herbs and spices and sweetened.

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Fynbos Revolution’s Flower Power and Don Zero are available from Sued Africa Genuss at a business started by Susanne and her best friend Yvonne Bittmann-Steyn. Here is a link to our podcast interview with Yvonne:

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